Hot Stone Massage

$125/90 min.
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Hot Stone Massage for Seniors (62+)

$110/90 min.
  • Great for circulation support during cold season!
  • Seniors 62+, any available day and time.

Hot Stone Massage

Unwind with the curative energy of nature…

Enjoy the serenity of inner peace with a meditative full body treatment by warmed, rounded river polished basalt stones. The stones warm the body, and are also an extension of the therapist’s own hands, as they are used to massage and warm tight muscles and encourage lymph flow, thereby releasing toxins. The warmth of the stones helps to reduce any muscle pain, promote healing, release stress, and provide deep relaxation.

Organic Coconut Oil…

Provides the soothing gliding medium for the heated stones as you sink deeper into quiet relaxation. For some, the serene quality of Hot Stone Massage has a grounding effect that promotes a greater sense of well being.

Precautions: Hot Stone massage is not recommended for certain conditions:

Not appropriate if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or are on medication that thins your blood. You shouldn’t get a hot stone massage if you are pregnant, have a sunburn or if you are sensitive to heat or overheat easily.

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