First, what are essential oils? How is an essential oil captured in a bottle? Do they really help our health and well-being?

An essential oil is the natural oil in a plant. There are many plants that produce oils that can be found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and/or fruits. The most common method of capturing the oil is steam distillation. In the interest of keeping it really simplified, a tank with water, and the plant to be distilled inside, is heated. The vapor from that process is cooled in a condenser coil and this is where the oil separates from the water. The oil/water components travel down the coil into another tank. What’s left is pure essential oil on top, which floats on the water, and is siphoned off and the floral infused water below, which is now called a “hydrosol”. The tank has a tap and the oils make it to their bottles. Lastly, I encourage you to do your own research in deciding if essential oils really do help our health and well-being. I can tell you they do, but are you going to believe it just because I’m saying it? You might, if you know me and you trust that I would not say it, if I didn’t believe it to be wholly true. But, why just say ok? I just happen to have a link to a fantastic blog author who I think you may enjoy. He is the CEO of Jade Bloom; Adam Wilkinson and in this particular post, he shows us some supporting evidence for the health benefits of essential oils. Care to read on?