It’s official. I moved the last items out of the back office last week. I now operate just the one front treatment room. When I moved in to the Regents office, I had big dreams. The building was formerly a savings bank. In the pre-electronic records era, everything…and I do mean EVERYTHING, was stored in bankers boxes in rooms and a vault on the lower level of the bank. I arrived in 2016 and saw this┬áspace. There were no windows because it is below grade on the south side with daylight windows on the north side of the building’s lower level. One room was floor to ceiling shelving for the boxes on three of the four walls, the other room was a vault of sorts for more sensitive paperwork. I renovated both rooms for treatment rooms, the prior breakroom became my lobby and gift shop. A pony wall and pocket door created my office. I hired two employees, And then COVID happened, and there were many, many other setbacks along the way in the last three and half years. I’ve kept my head up and somehow I keep moving forward. It’s not easy, but the alternative is just giving up and that’s not in my DNA. So, I have compromised and have allowed myself to not take on so much. Letting the back office go, after I worked so hard to make it a place my clients would truly enjoy was hard, and I have been a little blue about it, but I also realize this is a time of reorganization, regeneration and recognition of a new season. It’s a season of hope for the future, gratitude for the day, and letting go of what’s in the rear-view mirror.