Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not infrared sauna therapy is truly beneficial for the body or just an expensive marketing gimmick you get pressured into purchasing at your local state fair marketplace, take home, use it once and forget it. Then it becomes sad and lonely in the corner of your garage until you post it on “Offer Up” and poof, it’s gone. You have the corner in your garage back, but you’ve just missed out on a really helpful and healthful therapy.

Here, at Spring Lake Massage Therapy & Wellness Center, I myself use the sauna after a long, hard day of massaging just to relax. I also schedule my chronic pain and auto accident patients for a pre-massage sauna session to warm up the tissue prior to working on the injured area(s). The heat is very soothing to soft tissue injuries from an auto or other type of accident and I am able to work more deeply with less pain for my patient. For chronic pain sufferers, limited range of motion due to a long standing restrictive issue is the usual suspect. The infrared sauna session prior to massage loosens tight, restricted tendons and ligaments. Gentle active stretching techniques in the sauna and passive techniques during the patient’s massage have excellent effect on increased of range of motion over time.  Whether for relaxation or therapy, the infrared sauna is a valuable resource. Click here to read about the 6 benefits of infrared sauna therapy as explained by Dr. Amy Myers.

I have a dear Finnish sister-friend whom I have known since high school when she was a foreign exchange student here in the States from her home Finland. Over the years of writing letters back and forth, she sent me some exquisitely beautiful pictures of her homeland, including their sauna by the lake in Lapland (yes, there were reindeer and I will make it there to see them someday before I go upstairs). The sauna in Finland is part of Finns’ way of life. In fact, the very word “sauna” is the only Finnish word to make it into the English language, so I’ve been told. It’s not unusual for political meetings to be conducted during a sauna session. Traditionally, men will get good and toasty in the sauna and then go for a 50 degree plunge in frozen lake water, then back into the sauna for a good thawing out. It has been documented that aging Finns have a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s and Dementia that can be directly correlated to this daily regimen. It is a “bath” of sorts that relaxes the body, mind and spirit.

I hope you will decide for yourself that infrared sauna therapy is a worthwhile addition to your self care menu. If you have one sitting in the corner of your garage, plug that baby in and start enjoying. I wouldn’t recommend the “frozen lake plunge” though. The Finns are acclimated, and we are not. If you don’t have a sauna, come and visit Spring Lake Massage Therapy & Wellness Center. As a side note, I specifically added “& Wellness Center” in my business name to include other therapies besides massage. The sauna comes in at the top of that list and you’re welcome to come in and give it a try. There’s a selection for the sauna in the “Book Now” button on the home page that’s so easy, you’ll be “menee saunaan” like greased lightning!