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60 min. Reiki Session

$69-/60 min.
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60 min.. Reiki Session for Seniors (62+)

$55-/60 min.
  • Seniors 62+, any available day and time
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Reiki offers a conduit for healing. In order to receive healing, you must allow it. We offer Reiki as a healing positive energy therapy that all may access. Reiki is a method of allowing stress to leave, replacing it with unconditional love, warmth, and acceptance.

With the lightest touch, the Reiki practitioner becomes a loving instrument of positive, purposeful, healing energy that the recipient feels as radiant warmth that envelops in a blanket of inner peace, security and well being.  Some believe this feeling of deep inner peace is the power of God’s healing.

Each of us is a completely unique individual, comprised of unique thoughts, mannerisms, beliefs and opinions. That thought is staggering when we take into account that this doesn’t only apply to the people in the world today, but to all people throughout time! We are all unique and yet we are also all connected to one another.  This connection allows us to share beneficial healing influence.

Reiki began as a Japanese healing practice, so named because of it’s definition; Rei (energy) and Ki  (life force). It was developed by a Japanese physician to help those he cared for, and he passed along his tradition to share with others. While Reiki is not a religious practice and does not include any specific religious ritual, it is important that the Reiki practitioner be firmly grounded in loving faith so that the recipient receives nurturing healing from a place of positive energy and purpose.

The recipient lies fully- clothed on the massage table while the practitioner passes healing energy and loving prayer through his or her hands to the areas that need healing for the recipient. With the lightest touch, a profound inner calm is promoted in both the practitioner and the recipient. The recipient’s role is to allow his or her own spiritual center to accept that healing energy for the needs of his or her own physical and spiritual body.

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