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Designed to suit your specific needs, our therapeutic massage and manual therapy techniques can help you acheive greater mobility and improved outcome for your specific condition. 

Medical Massage (Health Insurance)

When coping with chronic pain from a long-standing problem, dealing with an on-the-job injury, or any trauma in which you have seen a physician or chiropractor, medical massage may be prescribed to ease pain, improve range of motion, and aid in healing. Some of the most common conditions include frequent headaches, migraines, complications of diabetes, arthritis, back and neck pain, tendinitis, asthma, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretching, deep tissue, fascial unwinding techniques, and active and passive range of motion exercises are utilized. Our licensed massage therapists are trained to assess, treat, and provide you with excellent care and post-massage homework suggestions. We work in harmony with your physician, naturopathic physician, chiropractor, and/or other referring provider to create a treatment plan that is better connected to you and your healthcare team. Benefits for massage therapy vary from plan to plan and some offer Out-Of-Network coverage in addition to In-Network. 

In general, In-Network providers are contracted with your health insurance plan and will be the most cost effective for your out of pocket expenses, however, not every therapist is contracted with every insurance carrier, so there’s a likelihood that you will need to choose from their list and hope for the best. The massage therapist you would like to see may not be on the list. Often, insurance carriers limit the conditions for which the In-Network therapist can bill and even the type of massage that may be used to treat the patient.

Out-Of-Network providers are not contracted with your health insurance plan, but most are still available to bill your insurance. Depending on your Out-Of-Network plan benefits, you may have a slightly higher copay and the amount of the visit paid by the insurance may be a little bit less than an In-Network provider. For some insurance carriers, the benefits are the same whether you choose In-Network or Out-Of-Network providers. By choosing an Out-Of-Network provider, you choose who you see for your care. We are able to bill your insurance for the appropriate condition(s) treated and with the use of appropriate massage modalities. Ultimately, the opportunity for our patients to choose is why we have chosen to be Out-Of-Network. We are happy to assist you with finding out about your Out-Of-Network plan benefits…just ask. 

** Remember to bring your prescription / referral with your health care provider’s diagnosis code(s) included and your insurance card with you for your first visit.**

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